How to Create a SciFi Abstract Background

Tutorial / 11 August 2019

In this post I will show you how to create the image below using Blender:


0. First, I recommend to split your viewport in two to tweak the materials and preview the result at the same time, like so:

1. Now change the shading mode to Rendered (Press Z to open the pie menu and select Rendered);

2. Add a new material to your mesh. I used the default cube in this example;

3. Our main shader is an emission node, so add one into material output. You can tweak the Strength value later;

4. To create the grayscale pattern, we need to combine two grayscale textures: a Musgrave and a Voronoi node. To do this, plug the musgrave color output into Voronoi vector input and adjust the scale until you find a good result.

5. Add a Color Ramp node to control the number of rings in the texture. We're basically removing the gap between black ( = 0) and white (= 1).

6. Now change the default color to something you like. You can also add more than two colors:

7. Plug this color ramp to the emission node and that's it!


To create an interesting image, enable the bloom effect and play with the values. This is my setup: 

Change the world background color to pure black to enhance your bloom effect: 
If you're using a cube, you can move your camera inside the cube. Change the focal length to create a distortion effect: